Vanilla (バニラ Banira) is a protagonist of Death March Club, alongside her classmate Reycho. She is the younger sister of Aniki, but they were born the same year are in in the same grade.


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Vanilla Render
Vanilla is a 6th grade Japanese elementary schooler, making her age around 11 to 12 years old. She has thick waist-length hair which has shades of light-pink, dark-pink, and orangey-yellow in it. Her hair is designed to semi-resemble her favourite animal, which is snails[1].
Death March Club - Concept Art (Vanilla)
Her eyes are pink with blue shading. Vanilla wears a knee-length, sleeveless white dress that has a floaty, jellyfish-esque skirt. The dress has a dark pink lining, and two orange-trimmed pockets on the front. She wears white sandals with a thick heel accessorised with white cloud-like ankle bracelets that resemble white lilypads. On her back she wears a backpack with a single blue strap across her front. The bag itself is white and has a design resembling an akanbe expression. The bag has a yellow moon-shaped keychain hanging off the front zipper and another yellow moon on the strap.


Vanilla is a happy but crazy, scatterbrained, and ditsy person. She has a totally off-key personality and so is usually ignored by others. Although she plays dumb, she actually has a brilliant mind and is usually one of the first to notice schemes plotted by adults.[2]


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