This is an archive of tweets released on the Death March Club official Twitter account @d_m_club.
The tweets on this account are largely written in-character by Vanilla in English and Japanese.

Concept Art TweetsEdit

Concept art and character commentary written by Vanilla.


Snails are so cute! I could stand staring at them all the time. By the way, where do snails hang out on sunny days? Do they only leave their home on rainy days? Wait. Aren’t their shells supposed to be their home? I’m getting confused… (Oct 6 2018)

でんでん虫ってかわいいよねー。バニラ、でんでん虫なら、ずーっと見てられるなー。そういえば、晴れの日ってでんでん虫はどこにいるんだろ? 雨の日しかお家の外に出ないのかな? あれ? でも、でんでん虫のお家は背中の殻だし…あれれー? なんだか頭がこんがらがってきちゃった… (Oct 6 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Vanilla Sketches

Look at my bag! Dude, isn't it awesomely cute? The bunny is sticking her tongue out! My mom bought it for me and like it's my fav! You know what? I keep my treasures in cicada shells, snake shells...hehe. I'll show them to ya' all next time! (Oct 12 2018)

これはバニラのバッグだよ! 可愛いでしょ? うさぎさんがあっかんべーってしてるの。デパートでお母さんに買ってもらった、バニラのお気に入りなんだー! 中にはバニラの宝物がいっぱい入ってるの! セミの抜け殻とか、へびの抜け殻とか…。今度見せてあげるねー! (Oct 9 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Vanillas Bag


AHA! This has got to be Reycho. Like you've already been on Famitsu and everywhere, so it doesn't take a lot of brain to figure this out. HEY REYCHO! Come out and say somethin' to our fans! If you don't come out, like I'm gonna take all your snackkkkk! (Oct 4 2018)

あー! このシルエットはれいちょだね。ファミ通さんにも色々と出てるし、バニラじゃなくてもわかるよ。おーい! れいちょー! 早く出てきてみんなに挨拶してー! 出てこないと、れいちょのお菓子食べちゃうよー! (Oct 4 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Reycho Shadow

Vanilla: Come on, say something!
Vanilla: Hey, what's the matter? OHH! You can't talk because you're the game's main character...? Okidok. I'll tell everyone what you're thinkin'! So, it's...'send in those marshmallows’! (Oct 6 2018)

バニラ「ちょっとれいちょ、どうしたの? …あー、そっか! れいちょはゲームの主人公だから喋らないんだった! じゃあ、バニラが代わりにれいちょの気持ちを伝えとくね! マシュマロのプレゼント、どしどし募集中でーす!」 (Oct 5 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Reycho Portrait

Vanilla: Oh, a beetle! Reycho, you’re popular, even insects like you. I hope that beetle will be okay though… Sometimes I don’t really know what you’re thinking, perhaps you caught it so you can eat it…
Reycho: ………… (Oct 9 2018)

バニラ「あ、カブトムシさんだー。れいちょは人気者だけど、虫さんにも好かれちゃうんだね。でも、このカブトムシさん大丈夫かなぁ…。れいちょは何を考えてるかわからないところがあるから、もしかしたら、食べるために捕まえたんじゃ…」 れいちょ「…………」 (Oct 7 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Reycho Sketches


Hmmm, this shadow must be Nyoro! Nyoro is like slender and cool and sooooo mature♡ Nyoro! Come out and say hi to everyone! (Oct 11 2018)

むむっ、このシルエットはニョロだねー。ニョロはスタイルもいいし、クールですっごく大人っぽいんだー。ニョロ〜! みんなに挨拶してあげなよー! (Oct 10 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Nyoro Shadow

Nyoro: Nice to meet you, everyone just calls me Nyoro. I’m really, REALLY into fashion, and my best subjects are math and science. Hmm, what else… Oh yeah, I admire A●uro-chan more than anyone else. Like A●uro-chan is like my ultimate idol, she’s EVERYTHING to me!! (Oct 27 2018)

ニョロ「初めまして、みんなからはニョロって呼ばれてるわ。趣味はファッション、得意科目は算数と理科。あとは…あ●ろちゃんを何よりも尊敬してるわ。あ●ろちゃんは私の理想で、私の神様なの」 バニラ「ということで、あ●らーのニョロでしたー!」 (Oct 12 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Nyoro Portrait

Vanilla: Nyoro ... you're soooo pretty at everything. Like, I bet you are fine-looking when you are running for your life or taking a breath swimming freestyle!
Nyoro: ... get a life. There is no such woman on the face of this Earth who looks beautiful when breathing in freestyle. (Oct 16 2018)

バニラ「ニョロってば、何をしてても、本当に綺麗だよねー。きっと、100メートル走を全力で走っている時も、クロールで息継ぎしている時も綺麗なんだろうなー」 ニョロ「…クロールの息継ぎの時にも綺麗な女性なんて、この世に存在しないわよ」 (Oct 15 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Nyoro Sketches

Vanilla: Nyoro is in the science club! She's doin' some reeally complicated experiments. Like she told me she's gonna find some new species of cells. Ha! Fashionable Nyoro might discover a marshmallow-pattern cell! Hehe.
Nyoro: ...marshmallows are not cute. (Oct 20 2018)

ニョロ「…マシュマロ柄って、お洒落なのかしら」 (Oct 16 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Nyoro Portrait 2


This shape is Mowchan! Like he's the foodie boy in the Loosers Class. Hey, maybe he's actually a small sumo wrestler... that must be it! Like I'm soooo convinced now that must be it. M..Mowchan? Are you really a sumo wrestler... like really, really, really? (Oct 17 2018)

このシルエットはモーちゃんだね! モーちゃんはガンバレ組の中で、一番の食いしん坊なんだー。あ、でも、もしかしたら、小さなお相撲さんって可能性も…。そうかもって思ったら、どんどんそう思えてきた! モ、モーちゃんだよね!? 早く出てきてバニラを安心させてー! (Oct 17 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Mow Shadow

Mowchan: Doesn't this doughnut look great? The word doughnut comes from frying wheat-flour doughs with nuts on it...

Vanilla: Wow...not only does he like to eat, he knows her stuff! But sorry, Mowchan! 280 words ain't enough to show off your doughnut knowledge...see ya!(Oct 19 2018)

モーちゃん「このドーナツ、美味しそうでしょ? ドーナツの語源は、小麦粉の生地であるドウに、ナッツをのせて揚げたことにあって…」
バニラ「モーちゃんは食いしん坊なだけじゃなくて、食べ物に詳しいんだ。字数のこともあるから、ドーナツ豆知識はまたの機会にね〜」 (Oct 19 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Mow Portrait

Vanilla: Did ya' know that Mowchan is also a great cook? Hey Mowchan, in your past life, maybe you were a pathetic man who was too poor and died without having delicious food...

Mowchan: You know, you could've just said that I was the king's chef or something!(Oct 22 2018)

モーちゃん「いや、そこは王様に仕えてるシェフだった、とかでいいんじゃ…」 (Oct 22 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Mow Sketches

Ha! This is Mowchan's backpack! There must be lots of yummy things in here! Fruit flavored marshmallows...chocolate flavored marshmallows...marshmallows with jelly inside...Uh-oh...I'm starting to drool...(Oct 23 2018)

あ、これはモーちゃんのリュックだ! きっと中には美味しい食べ物がたくさん入ってるんだろうなー。フルーツ味のマシュマロとか、ココア味のマシュマロとか、中にゼリーが入っているマシュマロとか…。いけない! マシュマロのことを考えてたら、よだれが…! (Oct 23 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Mow Backpack

Chuko Edit

Vanilla: This must be Chuuko! She is determined and a really curious girl...or should I say, nosy! She's more like a sugar mama... That's it! Mama hippo!
???: Who you callin' hippo!?
Vanilla: Eeek! (Oct 25 2018)

バニラ「このシルエットはチュー子だね! チュー子は負けず嫌いで、チャキチャキした子なんだ。でも、チャキチャキって言われてもよくわからないよね…。うーん、なんていうか、お節介なおばちゃんって感じで——」
バニラ「ひぃぃっ!」 (Oct 25 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Chuuko Shadow

Chuko: "Howdy, I'm Chuko. Consider me... the guardian of the Loser Class."
Vanilla: "Huh? Guardian? Like you're always sooo cranky!"
Chuko: "Who you callin’ cranky?! YOU GUYS MAKE ME CRANKY!"
Vanilla: "See...?" (Nov 2 2018)

バニラ「ほ、ほらぁ、カリカリしてるぅ…」 (Nov 2 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Chuko Portrait


Vanilla: "This has got to be Pochi! Reycho is really the quiet one, but Pochi doesn't talk much either. But he's like a pro at RC cars and games! He's definitely gonna be a Formula 1 driver or maybe a grownup that hangs out in arcades all day!"
???: "A grownup in an arcade...?" (Nov 11 2018)

???「ゲームセンターによくいる大人…」 (Nov 10 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Pochi Shadow

Pochi: "Hi... nice to see ya all"
Vanilla: "Pochi is a shy and quiet boy. This is the first time you see everyone, right? Go ahead. Introduce yourself."
Pochi: "Ummm, uh, like, umm...."
Vanilla: "You're saying 'I'm gonna do my best!' right?"
Pochi: "...umm...yeah..." (Nov 17 2018)

ポチ「う、うん…」 (Nov 16 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Pochi Portrait


Vanilla: "According to Vanilla's predictions, this should be Tattsun! He's like super serious. He doesn't doze off during class and always remembers his textbooks. He's definitely an unusual student!"
Chuko: "No, that's actually all pretty normal for the rest of us..." (Nov 17 2018)

チュー子「いや、別に普通のことでしょ…」 (Nov 24 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Tattsun Shadow

Vanilla: "Tattsun loves an anime called Electro Rangers."
Tattsun: "It's not anime, it's a live-action drama. Electro Rangers is great because it's not bound to a specific genre, instead it..."
Vanilla: "Wow! It'll be morning before he finishes. That's Tattsun, everyone!" (Nov 30 2018)

バニラ「わー!このままじゃ朝になっちゃう!みんな、たっつんをよろしくね!」 (Nov 30 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Tattsun Portrait


Vanilla: "Oh! This must be Kansai!! Kansai is like amazing at speaking Kansai dialect Japanese. He's so good, that it actually seems like standard Japanese!"
Pochi: "Uh, no... That's just you being happy..." (Dec 8 2018)

バニラ「はっはーん!このシルエットは関西だね!関西は関西弁がとっても上手なんだ!上手すぎて、まるで標準語みたいなの!」 ポチ「いや…それは本人、嬉しいのかな…」 (Dec 8 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Kansai Shadow

Kansai: "Heya! I'm Kansai! I'm leader of the Losers Class, so just call me Leader. If any y'all like baseball or Osaka, then we can be friends!"
Vanilla: "So that's Kansai, he's like super good at speaking Kansai dialect Japanese." (Jan 13 2019)

バニラ「ということで、関西弁の上手な関西でしたー!」 (Jan 12 2019)

Death March Club Twitter Kansai Portrait


Vanilla: "This must be Pai! She likes moving along at her own pace. She always keeps her cool and is like super cute!"
Pai: "Zzzz... There's bread on the rice ball... What do you think... Zzzz..."
Vanilla: "Hey! Are you sleeping?! Pai!! Wake up!!" (Feb 2 2019)

バニラ「ね、眠ってる!?パイー!起きて挨拶してよー!」 (Feb 1 2019)

Death March Club Twitter Pai Shadow

EnvironmentEdit this is somewhere from Death March Club... ummm, like there's an arrow point up. Is this an escalator? Whot? Was is "-lator" or "-vator"? What's the word..."escavator"? Like I always get sooooo confused! (Oct 16 2018)

デスマーチクラブの中に出てくる場所みたいなんだけど…えーっと、上の矢印があるからエスカレーターかな? …あれ? レーターじゃなくて、ベーターだっけ? エスカベーター? あれれ…? これの名前、すぐにわからなくなっちゃうんだよね… (Oct 13 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Elevator

Where the heck is this place?! It seems like somewhere from Death March Club...EE, ECKS, AI, TEE? *Gasp* What?! This has nothing to do with *ex, does it?!?! (Oct 28 2018)

デスマーチクラブの中に出てくる場所みたいなんだけど、一体どこなんだろ…。いー、えっくす、あい、てぃー? …ハッ! まさか、エッチなトコなんじゃ…!? (Oct 28 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Exit

What IS this room?? A secret dungeon? Do they lock you up in here when you do somethin' bad? Well then, I should be good 'cause the only thing I've ever lied about was my homework. I didn't do it, but I told the teacher "I did it, but forgot to bring it." So... I'm okay...right?? (Nov 6 2018)

怖い雰囲気だけど、この部屋はなんだろう…。悪いことをしたら入れられちゃう秘密の牢屋とか?ま、まあ、それならバニラには関係ないか…。バニラのした悪いことと言えば、宿題をやってなかったのに「やったけど忘れました」って嘘をついたくらいだし…。バ、バニラには関係ないよね!? (Nov 6 2018)

Death March Club Twitter Electric Gate

General TweetsEdit

General tweets all written by Vanilla.

Me? Like, I'm Vanilla and, uh, guess what? Me and my friends are starring in a game! Totally crazy. Like, OH.MY .GOSH! The game is called DEATH MARCH CLUB. Uh, like, what's a 'death march'? Anyway, it's gonna be a wicked fun game! (Oct 3 2018)

どーもはじめまして! 私、バニラって言うんだー。なんと、バニラたちが主役のゲームが出ることになったの! その名も「デスマーチクラブ」! って…デスマーチってどういう意味なんだろ? コアラのマー●みたいなことかな? それなら、楽しいゲームになるの間違いなしだね! (Oct 3 2018)

GUESS WHAT! Death March Club is gonna be on Famitsu's new title exclusive story! I'm totaly stoked to run to the bookstores! do I have money? Oh well, I'll get one next month. Like if I run outta money again, I'll get one the following month. I'm such a smarty pants! (Oct 3 2018)

なんとなんと! 明日発売の、ファミ通さんの新作スクープコーナーに「デスマーチクラブ」が出るんだって! 本屋さんにダッシュ待ったなしだね! あ、でも、お小遣い残ってたっけ…? まあ、来月分のを貰えばいっか! それがなくなったら、再来月分のを貰えばいいし。バニラってば、頭いいー! (Oct 3 2018)

Hey guys! Anyone playing that digital pet game in the egg keychain? I just started...but uh, I always forget to flush the poop! Man. Like I really need to teach him good manners to get to the next level...Can someone take care of him for meee? Pleeaasee? (Oct 13 2018)

みんなはた●ごっちやってる? バニラは最近始めたばっかりなんだけど、どうしてもうんちを流し忘れちゃうんだよねー。まめ●ちにするには、ちゃんとしつけをしないとなんだけど…う〜、誰かバニラの代わりに育ててくれないかなー。 (Oct 6 2018)

Hi guys! IT'S MONDAY!! Yeah! Grown-ups always complain about Mondays but I LOVE MONDAYS! Like I get to see my friends and have school lunch... Why do people hate Mondays so much? Oh, maybe because they don't have school lunch?? (Oct 14 2018)

明日は待ちに待った月曜日だね! 大人の人は月曜日はやだって言うけど、バニラは月曜日大好きだなー。友達にも会えるし、給食もあるし。なんで大人は月曜日が嫌いなんだろう? あ! もしかして、給食がないからかな!? (Oct 14 2018)

GUESS WHAT!? A dog ran into the school the other day! It was white and scuffy and sooooo cute! I said it should be the Loosers Class pet but the janitor came and took him away... Hey, like do you think the janitor took him home and made him his own pet...?? (Oct 21 2018)

聞いて聞いて! この前お昼休みに、校庭に犬が入って来たの! 白くてふわふわで、とーっても可愛かったんだ! バニラはガンバレ組で飼ってペットにしよーって言ったんだけど、すぐに用務員のおじさんが連れて行っちゃって…。もしかしたらあのおじさん、自分だけのペットにするつもりなんじゃ… (Oct 21 2018)

Hey guys! Are you all into making profile books like me? All the girls in the Loosers Class are into this! It's really fun! Everyone writes my name under "the funniest person in class," but no one says Vanilla is the "cutest girl in the class." I mean, I'm a girl, too? I'm hurt! (Oct 21 2018)

みんなはプロフィール帳やってる? ガンバレ組の女子の間で大流行中なんだー。書くのも読むのも、本当に面白いんだよ。あ、そうそう! みんな「おもしろい人」のトコにバニラの名前を書くんだけど、「きれいな人」のとこには書いてくれないの…。バニラだってレディーなのに、失礼しちゃうよね! (Oct 20 2018)

Currently no English translation available.

みんなはフ●ービー持ってる? バニラはこの前買ってもらったんだけど、一緒にお風呂入ったら動かなくなっちゃって…。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。うわぁぁぁぁん! (Oct 23 2018)

Currently no English translation available.

明日の時間割りは〜っと……あ、道徳の授業がある! バニラは道徳の授業、好きなんだー! だって、たまにテレビを見るだけの時があるんだよ? 学校でテレビを観れるのって、家みたいで不思議だよねー。 (Oct 30 2018)

Vanilla: "Trick or treat! Hey, give me some marshmallows or I'll play pranks on ya! Like I'll tie your shoelaces into a knot, or plaster my fingerprints all over your window, or rip away all the erasers on the back of your pencils----!"
Nyoro: "yikes...not cool" (Oct 31 2018)

バニラ「とりっくおあとりーと! マシュマロをくれないと、イタズラするぞー! 靴紐も豆結びにしたり、ガラスに指紋をベタベタつけたり、シャーペンの後ろの消しゴムを失くしたりしちゃうぞー!」
ニョロ「どれも地味に嫌ね…」 (Oct 30 2018)

Ahh, it's already November. Beautiful red leaves and oh-so-tasty fruit, Autumn is the best! But... Why do the leaves turn red? When I'm cold, my cheeks start to turn red, does that mean the little leaves are cold too? If we warm them up, will they turn green again? (Nov 4 2018)

今日で11月かー。秋は紅葉がきれいだし、果物が美味しいし、最高だよね! でも、なんで紅葉は赤くなるんだろう? バニラも寒いとほっぺが赤くなるし、葉っぱさんも寒がってるってこと? 温めてあげたら緑に戻るかな? 今度ぎゅーってしてみよーっと! (Nov 1 2018)

Guess what?! I bought a CD with my own money!! Like, I didn't buy candies! I feel so like a grown-up now! You know that plastic cover thingy? I couldn't peel it off, so I used a knife... then I scratched the case. OH NO! I was going to keep this CD forever! What a bummer. sob sob (Nov 8 2018)

聞いて聞いて!バニラ、初めて自分のお金でCDを買ったんだー!お菓子とかじゃなくてCDを買うなんて、大人みたいでしょ?でもショックだったのが、ビニールのピロピロが上手く剥がせなくて、カッターを使ったんだ…。そしたら、ケースに傷がついちゃって…。一生大事にしようと思ってたのになぁ…。 (Nov 5 2018)

OH MY GOSH... I can't believe it! You wanna know what happened? They had ice cream at school lunch, but there was only one left. So we played rock-paper-scissors and.... I LOST!! Like, how could that happen!? No one loves ice cream more than me! Mowchan, is now my sworn enemy! (Nov 15 2018)

情けない…バニラは自分が恥ずかしい…。え、何があったのかって…?この前、給食で雪見だい●くがでたんだ…。ひとつ余ってジャンケンになったんだけど、負けちゃって…。うぅっ、雪見だい●くを好きな気持ちは、バニラが一番だったはずなのに…。今回だけは、モーちゃんが憎くて仕方ないよ…! (Nov 14 2018)

Vanilla: "Get this! Something weird just happened! During clean-up, the boys started playing baseball with the rags and I told them off. But before I knew it, I also found myself playing with them. Was I under some psycho-control or something?"
Pachi: "Temptation strikes again." (Nov 28 2018)

ポチ「誘惑に勝てなかっただけじゃ…」 (Nov 28 2018)

December makes me feel kinda anxious. There's Christmas, winter vacation, and then New Year's Day... it's so much fun that it's kinda scary! Imagine a kid whose birthday is in December! With that much fun in a single month, it makes me shake all over just thinking about it... (Dec 3 2018)

12月ってなんだかそわそわするよね。クリスマスもあるし、冬休みもあるし、すぐにお正月もあるし…楽しみが多すぎて、なんだか怖くなっちゃうくらいだよ…。12月に誕生日もある子なんて、楽しみが多すぎて、ガクガク震えちゃうんじゃないかな…? (Dec 2 2018)

It's really been getting colder recently... So cold that I decided to go to school still wrapped in my bed covers. I thought it would be a good idea coming to school dressed like a little ghost. That's like super cute, right? But in the end, my teacher just scolded me! (Dec 12 2018)

最近、本当に寒くなってきたよね。あまりにも寒いから、お布団をかぶって学校に行ったら、先生に怒られちゃった。お化けみたいで可愛いし、いいアイディアだと思ったんだけどなぁ… (Dec 11 2018)

Vanilla: "So what did everyone ask Santa for this year? Lemme think... this year I want... Oh no, I shouldn't say it! If you tell someone your wish, it might not come true!"
Kansai: "Whadda ya mean?! That's only the rule for New Year's wishes!" (Dec 24 2018)

関西「なんでやねん!それは初詣のお祈りのルールやろ!」 (Dec 24 2018)

Has everyone decided what to do at the stroke of midnight tonight? I'm gonna jump in the air so that it'll be like I'm off the planet at the moment the new year starts. Hehehe... But don't dare tell anyone from the Losers Class my super creative idea! That'd be disappointing! (Dec 31 2018)

みんな、年越しの瞬間は何をするか決まった?バニラはジャンプをして、その時だけ地球からいなくなる予定なんだー。ぷぷぷ…ガンバレ組のみんなに教えたら、バニラの斬新な発想に、腰を抜かしちゃうかもだね…! (Dec 31 2018)

Currently no English translation available.

バニラ「あ、そんなことよりあけおめ〜!みんな、今年もよろしくね!」 (Dec 31 2018)

Currently no English translation available.

みんな、冬休みは楽しめた? バニラはすっごく楽しかったよ! あ、そういえば、夏休みと冬休みと春休みがあるのに、どうして秋休みってないんだろうね? うーん、法律を決めた偉い人は、秋に誕生日があったのかな? 自分の誕生日を祝ってもらうために、学校を休みにしなかったのかも…! (Jan 18 2019)

Long time no see everybody! Can't wait for spring? I planted beans this year! Actually some managed to get under the sofa and when I tried to get them out, I found an old marshmallow under there. I feel so bad for it. I think im gonna cry..(sniff).... (Feb 8 2019)

みんな、お久しぶりー!きちんと節分はやった?バニラはちゃんと豆をまいたよー!あ、でも、ソファの下に入っちゃった豆を取ろうとしたら、いつのかわからないカピカピになったマシュマロが出てきて…。マシュマロに申し訳なくて、心が痛んじゃった…。(Feb 8 2019)

Everyone ready for Valentines day? I'm with the girls from the losers class and we're making Chocolates. Nobody has a crush its just for fun; or so they say anyway..Huh? Do I like anyone? Umm..(blushing) I like...the..Losers Class! You're not getting any more out of me hehe (Feb 12 2019)

みんな、バレンタインの準備はしてる?バニラはガンバレ組の女子と一緒に、チョコをつくるんだー。みんな好きな人はいないから、義理だって言ってるんだけど、本当かなぁ…。え、バニラは誰が好きなのかって?えへへ、もちろん、ガンバレ組のみんなだよ!それ以上は秘密でーす! (Feb 12 2019)

Happy Valentines Day! The girls gave out their chocolates but, there wasn't enough for all the boys and all war broke out. If they're gonna act that way, then the girls should just eat it...So we did! Ahh Chocolate Marshmallows, soo good. I wish Valentines was every day... (Feb 14 2019)

ハッピーバレンタイーン!今日はガンバレ組の女子みんなで、男子にチョコを配ったんだー。でもひとつだけ数が足りなくて、ケンカになりそうになっちゃって…それならって、ぜーんぶ女子で食べたの!はぁ…チョコマシュマロ、美味しかったなぁ…。毎日がバレンタインだったらいいのに… (Feb 14 2019)

Vanilla: Hi guys, it's been freezing, anyone catch a cold? At the Loser's class we're full of energy! Oh, In Japan there's a saying, "Kids with energy always catch colds." What a load of old baloney!
Tattsun: Um. That's "Kids HAVE energy regardless of the cold" actually... (Feb 19 2019)

たっつん「いや、『風邪』じゃなくて『風』ね!」 (Feb 19 2019)