Too Kyo Games (トゥーキョーゲームス) is a Japanese independent game developer founded by ex-employees of Spike Chunsoft, spearheaded by Danganronpa series writer Kazukata Kodaka and Zero Escape series writer Kotaro Uchikoshi.



Role Staff Member Best known for
Game Design Kazutaka Kodaka Danganronpa series writer
Kotaro Uchikoshi Zero Escape series writer
Takumi Nakazawa Infinity series writer
Yoichiro Koizumi Danganronpa series novelist
Graphics Rui Komatsuzaki Danganronpa series character designer
Shimadoriru Danganronpa series CG artist
Music Masafumi Takada Danganronpa series music composer


On September 11th, 2018, as the founding of the company was announced, a live stream was held which also announced the concepts and preliminary key art for the 4 main projects the company has planned.

Project Name Subject
"Project #1"
Tagline: "Limit" x "Despair"
A game with a scenario jointly written by Kodaka & Uchikoshi and developed by the whole Too Kyo Games team.
"Project #2"
Tagile: "Everyone is a Villain"
An anime in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. Written by Kodaka with Komatzusaki as the character designer. Inspired by 1990s action films like Pulp Fiction and The Professional.
"Project #3"
(Death March Club)
Tagline: "A Children’s Death Game, By Children, for Children."
Directed by Kodaka, Uchikoshi writing the scenario, Nakazawa as the director, character designs by Take.
"Project #4"
Tagline: "A Spike Chunsoft x Too Kyo Games Dark Fantasy-Esque Mystery."
Collaboration between the ex-Danganronpa team and Spike Chunsoft. Komatsuzaki on character design, Shimadoriru on background design, Takada as the composer.

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